Citadel coaches tweet from recruiting trail

Which way are the players?

Want to follow Citadel coaches on the recruiting trail? One great way is on Twitter, where Bulldogs head coach Kevin Higgins (@CoachKHiggins) is among those tweeting about his adventures on the road.

Of course, the coaches cannot announce commitments on Twitter (that would be against NCAA rules). But you’d be surprised at what you can learn. Apparently, Coach Higgins does not like to be surprised by dogs on home visits. A summary of recent Tweets:

Coach Kevin Higgins@CoachKHiggins

Good visit with NC HS coach yesterday. Textile industry is done. Poverty,aids and drugs rule. He mentors,teaches & takes heat.Crown waiting!

Great job by Coach Dixon arranging the lock up of the 2 pit bulls on my home visit tonight. Head on a swivel.#nodoghater

If the word ‘County’ is in front of a High School in South Georgia, there will be athletes at that school. A couple of hours and lets do NC!


Loved visit in the cotton fields of S. GE. this am with DB that played FB,BB,TR + Base. in the same year. Where have the 3 sport guys gone?


Trying to keep the Bama pipeline going. James,Rak,Carl and Cam are representing us well. All 4 played as frosh. South Georgia here we come!

HS hoops in Tallahassee,our boy got ups. I-10 to the back woods of Bama where they pract. 2 a day in season,finish with home visit in Mobile


Let’s roll. 1st home visit in Orlando. RB, good skills, excellent student, tight family, no dog = scholarship offer. Let’s get him! Next.

RB coach Bill Mottola (@CoachMotes) is also on the road:

Great family breakfast this am! Back on the road this week to finish strong before the dead period!

At a GA hs playoff practice! Love this time of year!

Great day of recruiting in ATL! One home visit done, another at 8! #JimmysAndJoes

On the road to Ohio!

QBs coach Craig Candeto (@CoachCandeto):

200+ miles in before noon! #recruitingtrail

Recruiting coordinator JP Gunter (@Coach_JP_Gunter)

Great day yesterday in Myrtle Beach. Proud to be recruiting this state for the Bulldogs! #FutureBulldogs2013

Half way to Myrtle Beach see some of SC’s top football talent. I think we have some Bulldogs in the group. #FutureBulldogs2013

Defensive assistant Chad Wheeler (@CoachCWheeler):

The Citadel Coaching Staff is on the road searching for the best young men to join the Bulldog Family! #CitadelFootball


One thought on “Citadel coaches tweet from recruiting trail

  1. Coach asks: “Where are the 3 sport athletes. It’s Dec 11 and fb season is still on & basketball already finished 1/3 of season.

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