Big facilities plans in offing for Citadel

Attended a meeting of The Citadel’s Board of Visitors athletics committee on Thursday. As always, AD Larry Leckonby’s presentation was thorough and informative:

My big takeaway for today:

As part of a strategic plan for facilities, The Citadel wants to:

– Renovate the Altman Center at JHS as the home for Citadel athletics, with offices and a Hall of Fame. Expected cost is about $7 million. Probably well down the road.

– Resurface the current asphalt track, around the football practice field,  with rubber. Cost: $500K or less.

– Install a hanging, four-sided scoreboard with video at McAlister Field House. The Class of 1964 has taken this on as a project and hopes to have it in by fall of 2014.

– New floor at MFH. Cost: $500K or less

– New seats at MFH. Cost: $500K or less

– Renovation of the tennis facility, esp. the building and lights and eventually the court surface. Cost: $500 K or less

– A new strength and conditioning facility/football building. Current weight room is one second floor of Segnious Hall, “one of few in country on second floor of a  building,” Leckonby said. Cost: about $2.5 million.

Leckonby said the total cost of those projects comes in at about $12 million. He said most of the smaller projects are in fund-raising or bid phases already.

More to come, including goal of endowing all athletic scholarships. Price tag: $50 million.


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