Citadel coach: SoCon should look to Colonial for new teams

Stopped by Citadel Pro Day to talk with football coach Kevin Higgins and get his reaction to the news that Georgia Southern and App State will leave the SoCon for the Sun Belt.

What’s your reaction to losing Georgia Southern and App from the SoCon?

KH: “It’s not surprise, it’s been in the works for so long, it was just a matter of time. But people across the country, when they look at the SoCon, they look at Georgia Southern and App State. They’ve had a tremendous history of national championships, and they’ve meant a lot to the league.”

Where should the SoCon look going forward?

KH: “Now the task is to bring in the best teams you can possibly find that will be a fit for the SoCon. I think there are enough teams out there. An interesting league in the Colonial with George Mason leaving there. You look at Delaware (rumored to be an Atlantic 10 target) and James Madison (also eyed by the Sun Belt) and what might be happening with their football schools. Richmond and William & Mary are two schools that would bring a lot of credibility and are very similar to our programs.”

Georgia Southern and App State will be ineligible for the SoCon title and FCS playoffs in 2013. What does that mean for The Citadel?

KH: Those two teams are very, very good. But from a personal standpoint, after beating them last year, it’s still about Wofford. That’s our first league game next year, and then Chattanooga and Samford have been on the rise. Both those teams have most of their players coming back. Furman and Elon will be good as well. Even with GSU and App leaving, there are a  lot of good teams left in the SoCon to compete with.”

How important is it for the SoCon to maintain its reputation as a top FCS league?

KH:”You always want a competitive league, but it’s not just about having great football teams in the league. It’s important to look at teams from an academic standpoint, and then geography comes into play. It’s got to be a match from an institutional standpoint.”


4 thoughts on “Citadel coach: SoCon should look to Colonial for new teams

  1. Agree with KH. Wd like to see return of Wm Mary, Rich. I live in Miami & FIU made mistake joining Sun. It’s a snooze league. Nice new stadium at FIU and can’t avg 12,000. I think Citadel averaged 14,000.

  2. Coach Higgins is more astute than most who are suggesting A-Sun schools, Big South rogues (CCU), basketball only commuter schools and schools that may be an option but their FB programs are not there yet–Mercer, for example. The colleges that Higgins mentioned are wonderful . My choices are : W & M, Richmond, and VMI. Delaware and JMU are certainly considerations. PC should be considered as well.

  3. I would love to see VMI and some of the Big South teams make a go at it. CCU and Richmond, along with W&M have built and have very solid programs. Although VMI is not a football powerhouse, they have a lot to offer with both baseball and basketball. So you really have to look at it from not just a football perspective. All the teams I mentioned above would make a really good addition simply from a all-around sports perspective. Losing GS and App State from a football perspective really gives a chance to the Dogs next year to not only make the play-offs, but to make a run at the Championship. 2013 will be an exciting year for El Cid football at any rate, and I hope we make a go at it!

  4. I would love to see the Southern Conference add the following schools:

    Coastal Carolina (all sports) from Big South
    East Tennessee (all sports-re-starting football by 2015) from Ohio Valley
    Richmond (all sports) from Colonial
    William and Mary (all sports) from Colonial
    Kennesaw State (all sports) from Atlantic Sun
    Mercer (Olympic sports) from Atlantic Sun (leave new football in Pioneer League)

    Although I would love to see them join, I think the 2 CAA schools are the least likely to move to the SoCon now.

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