Citadel honors Gerber Baby, Odie, Ugi

The Citadel held a brief ceremony Wednesday at Bond Hall to honor some nationally recognized athletes, including basketball player Mike Groselle and All-Amercan wrestlers Odie Delaney and Ugi Khishignyam.

The athletes were presented a letter of congratulations and an engraved Citadel coin by Doug Snyder, chairman of the Board of Visitors.

Groselle (known as Gerber Baby) will graduate with a 3.7 GPA in civil engineering and told me he plans to pick an agent by Friday and play pro ball in Europe for a couple of years. He wants to save some money and go to grad school to get a master’s in environmental engineering.

Delaney, who finished seventh as a heavyweight at the NCAAs, will join the Charleston Police Department, he said.

Here are the athletes honored:

Carter J. Elms, 2013 Nat’l OML

Ugi Khishignyam, 2013 All-American, 4th Place – 141# Div.

Odie Delaney, 2013 All-American, 7th Place – Heavyweight Div.

Michael R. Groselle, 2012-2013 Senior CLASS Award

Benjamin D. Moore 2013 Nat’l Standard Pistol Champs

Pierce H. Norlin 2013 Nat’l Standard Pistol Champs

Stephen M. Bowden 2013 Nat’l Standard Pistol Champs

Christopher P. Hudock Standard Pistol 2013 All-American Team

MacKenzie L. Shealy 2013 Nat’l Standard Pistol Champs

Chelsea L. Marsh Ladies Sport Pistol 2013 All-American Team



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