Meet Citadel walk-on QB commit Boeing Brown

Boeing Brown

Citadel walk-on commitment Boeing Brown has an interesting name and an intriguing story.

Brown was a ballyhooed QB recruit early in his high school career — so ballyhooed that somebody created this facebook page urging Steve Spurrier to recruit the 6-4, 220-pounder to USC.

But Brown lost his starting QB job as a senior in a move that  was controversial in his Connecticut hometown. Recruiting guru Max Emfinger wrote this piece in December wondering why Brown did not have a single scholarship offer after his senior year.

At one point, it looked like Brown might join ex-Citadel coach Charlie Taaffe at Central Florida. But Brown tweeted recently that he has committed to The Citadel:

Boeing Brown@BoeingBrown13 10 May

Committed to The Citadel – Class of 2017 and to play Quarterback with the Bulldogs! Hard work pays off! #GoBulldogs

As a walk-on commitment, Brown has not signed a letter of intent, so Citadel coach Kevin Higgins is not yet able to talk about him. Needless to say, Boeing Brown should be an interesting interview when he arrives on campus.

Here is some video:


9 thoughts on “Meet Citadel walk-on QB commit Boeing Brown

  1. Reminds me of Tebow in two ways. He has a big windup in his passing motion which is surprising as he has attended some football camps but he is a good athlete. Also, like Tebow he is getting flack for being a Christian athlete. Where does that come from? Boeing seems the type of good person that any school school would be proud to have enrolled.

  2. This is Boeing Brown’s most recent Highlight, he is the real deal:

    He is going to be a diamond sleeper for Coach Higgins and The Citadel, Go Bulldogs…congratulations for landing Boeing Brown. I believe he is also dating Miss Charleston Teen 2013 Caroline Scruggs, impressive young man all around. Coach Taaffe seemed to like him a lot at UCF where his Father played. Good luck Boeing, welcome to Charleston and The Citadel!

  3. Like Tebow he is getting flack for being a Christian athlete? One of the most stupid statements i have heard in a while. Tebow made millions of dollars for being Christian Athelte. Although this kid has somewhat of a decent arm. He has no ability other than that.

    Ask any Scout in the NFL. Tebow was not drafted for his skills as a QB. He was drafted because he was well liked(Christian) , and he could increase ticket sales. He’s also a guy who companys love to endorse there products(Millions) So if that’s what you call getting flack. Give me some of that. I’m a Christian Athlete.

    This kid got no offers because he’s not that good. Theres no conspiracy.

  4. This whole Boeing Brown thing is the biggest fake internet hype in local hs sports- he is a d3 level, average HS player- period. His dad never played collee ball- built all of the so called blogs and articles himself and is all about marketing- even the christian thing is hype to cash in on teabow wanna a be attention – the real strory should be ‘ crazy dad tries to dupe the world”

  5. Good kid, but always seemed to want to play to high. Could have stayed in state at a school like Central or maybe even Sacred Heart. May have also played out of state in the Bentley & Assumption league and got money and had some fun playing football……

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