Good old Fred: “The boys played well”

The Bulldogs talk about Thursday’s 12-11 win over No. 1 WCU at the SoCon Tournament in Greenville:

The Citadel head coach Fred Jordan:

Opening statement

“It was good baseball tonight. The boys played well, and I’m very proud of each of them. Joe (Jackson) had a big hit, Tyler (Griffin) did, as well; everyone played their part.”


Closing statement

“The Bulldogs and the Catamounts don’t go out to dinner to often. We had a tough lost against the Catamounts in the season. But it was great ball tonight and we were fortunate enough to get the win.”


Joe Jackson

How do you feel about the game?

“We capitalized tonight and it helped us out. Western swung it well, but we fortunately out-swung them. It was a great game all around, there was like one error on each team, and we just came out on top.”


Tyler Griffin

Tell us your take on the game…

“Everyone is playing their part. We’re not having to rely on one person. Everybody has their job, and today everyone played their role and got the job done. We had timely hits, we got the momentum and kept it going. We didn’t let them have it and lay down when they got the lead, we jumped right back up and got our hits.”


Johnathan Stokes

On his play on both offense and defense

“It’s not all about me; I couldn’t do it without my teammates. It’s not an individual sport. I just wanted to do my part for my team. When that ball was hit up the middle, I just wanted to make the play for my pitcher.”



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