Post and Courier welcomes new food writer/critic


Former Seattle Weekly food writer and critic Hanna Raskin began her new duties at the Post and Courier two weeks ago today. Hanna takes over the role formerly held by Teresa Taylor, who was promoted to features editor several months ago.

Hanna is already making her mark. Over the summer, she wrote and self-published a book titled “Yelp Help: How to Write Great Restaurant Reviews.” Late last week, the Chicago Tribune’s Kevin Pang talked to Hanna about the book and amateur review writing. Of course, she offers some great tips, including the importance of detail. “To get beyond ‘great,’ which is by far the most common descriptor on Yelp, scrutinize a dish’s flavors, textures, colors and aroma,” Hanna recommends.

You can read more from Hanna on her blog Raskin Around and on the Post and Courier’s food page. Don’t forget to check out her work in print in Wednesday’s Food section and Charleston Scene on Thursdays.

Hanna is also an active social media user, and you can follow her dining exploits on Twitter.

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