“Tell Me About Your Bridge Run,” by Cedric Jaggers – a tradition continues

2013 TELL ME ABOUT YOUR BRIDGE RUN as told to Cedric Jaggers


Once again in Marion Square after the race with 31,458 other race finishers (out of 38,883 entrants).  Of course they weren’t all there at the same time, it just seemed like it.  It was a crisp comfortable morning about 50 degrees for the run and into the low 60s for the post-race mob scene in the Square. The conditions rank among the best ever for any of the 35 Bridge Runs that I’ve run.  Once again as I’ve done almost every year since 1988 I hit each runner with just one request:  that they ‘Tell Me About Your Bridge Run’. I tried to write down EXACTLY what each person said, or perhaps didn’t say.  Listed below in the order it happened (except when I was ambushed by a couple of folks who wanted to ‘Ask Me’).  The interviews were conducted mostly, but not exclusively at the Charleston Running Club tent in the Square.

So here goes.  I did try to ask each person to tell me their time if they didn’t mention it in their response. I’ve added each runner’s chip time and place from the results Burns Computer gave me after the corrections were made to the age groups and posted on www.BridgeRun.Com .  If you want a copy of the complete Chip time computer re-arranged finish order, or Gun time (per USATF rules 245, for purists who want to see the names of those who finished near them in the actual finish order they crossed the line) results just send me an e-mail requesting them:  JaggersRun@Comporium.net

CATHERINE LEMPESIS I finally began training 3 months ago.  I’m retiring this year and truly hoping I can run a little faster.  Ran about 50:25.  I had the flu weeks ago, but today was a perfect day for the race.  Chip time 50:23 place 2,475th.

BILL BOULTER It met my expectations.  When I started out racing I did seem a little overdressed.  Same time as last year, about 1:04. Chip time 1:04:23 place 12,180th

STEVE GRIFFIN I was trying to race as fast as Bill Boulter (who was standing next to him and said “No you weren’t”) and couldn’t do it.  No, I was trying to get under 44 but had a cramp and had to stop.  I didn’t get it (wanted time), but I’ll get it next year.  About 45:57.  Chip time 45:57 place 1,067th.

CEDRIC JAGGERS (Ken Bible took the clipboard from my hand and got this – the first of two people to do so):  Better than expected.  Expected the worst and got a little better.  About 56:48.

STEVE ANNAN  A good run.  I had a great run, the weather was fantastic.  Ran a little over 44 and some change.  I felt good, lucky to do it.  Chip time 44:06, place 714th.

ANN ELISH  Given the shape I’m in I’m happy.  This is like the old times except for 40,000 people instead of 1,000.  I was very impressed with the race today.  Chip Time 48:27 place 1,759

GARY RICKER  Bridge Run number 34 for me.  I enjoyed it.  I felt my age, but it was an enjoyable run.  The wind was not a factor and I felt semi-decent the whole way.  I broke last year’s time.  I was about 45, 45:21 Chip time 45:15, 926th place.

BILL ROWELL  The best weather in recent history that I’ve seen.  I beat last year by over a minute.  Still not a P.R. for the Bridge.  Number 9 Bridge Run for me.  42 and change.  Chip time 42:48, 541st place.

MIKE CHODNICKI  I drove the lead truck again this year.  The race was over after 3 miles.  The leader pulled away, he ran the 4th mile in 4:19 by himself.  From mile 2 to the finish, he was ahead.

BENJAMIN WHITENER  My first Bridge Run that I ran with my wife.    Ran in a huge pack even paced, ran in huge pack had a great time, held pace.  Had a great time and helped with pacing. My 8th or 9th.  Chip time 57:42 place 7,051st

MYRA WHITENER  It was great.  A P.R. time for me 57:33.  9:06 first mile, then up the Bridge slowed down.  8 something down the Bridge.  I was very happy.  Last year I did it in 1:01.  Chip time 57:41 place 7,032nd .

APRIL CAMPBELL             This is my second year.  This year was much better.  If anybody got discouraged last year – give it another try.  I felt great and enjoyed people cheering us on.  I ran like an hour seven – much better than last year.  Chip time 1:07:13 place 14,205th .

CHRISTINE KINNEY  It was very good, very even.  I felt like I could have run 6 more miles.  Could have used warmer weather, but no doughnuts.  Chip time 1:05:24, place 12, 891st

SHAWN JESSIE  My first Bridge Run.  Had a really good time.  Everything seemed to work real well and finish well.  Slightly crowded in some area but you expect that.  Plan to do it next year.  Chip time 57:23, place 6,826th .

BOB SCHLAU  No comment.  I had knee surgery, 2 torn meniscus and they had to take arthritis out.  Hoping I’ll be able to run it next year.  I’ve been running 51 years, ran my first race when I was 14 in Junior High School – an 80 yard dash.  I mostly had to walk today.  I jogged  to Shem Creek from the start, but then had to walk.  I told myself I’d give myself a pass this year to walk, just to keep the streak (Bob has run every bridge run and was 2nd overall in 1979. CJ).  Next year I hope to be running – if I can’t I’ll say I’ll let it go.  I ran the first few meters so I could say I ran some.  It’s an interesting experience to be walking back in the crowd, but not one I’d want to repeat.  The good thing is I had no pre-race jitters.  Chip time 1:44:42, place 26,236th

TAMI DENNIS Very pleased.  My goal was to break 50 and I did.  After 9 weeks of not running due to stress fractures.  I was more worried about mental than physical.  I didn’t run the Bridge Run at all in training.  There was my first major injury in 37 years of running.  Time? 49:15.  Chip time 49:34, place 2,125th .

DAN CLAPPER  Beat my Flowertown – now called Shamrock time.  Better time due to tail wind.  I always do better. My 29th.  I felt good the whole time, back pain but it’s not bad.  I had to push – I could never catch him.  47:41.  Chip time 47:36, place 1,480th.

RIVES POE   I started but had to drop out at Houston-Northcutt about one mile in.  Sharp pain in the ankle.  DNF  (Note:  She had a large ice pack around her ankle.  CJ)

CEDRIC JAGGERS (Rives took the clipboard from my hand and said she had to keep her string of interviewing me after the race, so here’s what she wrote down):  I’m happy with what I got.  Since I had the Norovirus I’m really happy to have broken an hour.  I couldn’t believe I had to walk going up the Bridge twice.  But I did.  I was glad to finish my 35th Bridge Run in a row. Chip time 56:40, place 6,238th.

JILL PELLERIN Okay.  A minute faster than last year, because last year I had to wear somebody else’s shoes.  I walked on the other side of the Bridge.   Right on what I thought I would do.  I’ve gained weight and still happy I could move my body.  About 1:05 or 1:04:50.  For not having training I was happy.  Chip time 1:05:12, place 12,738th .

BETSY RIVERS  Walked away covering her mouth.  Then she said “I won’t”.  When pressed she presented a familiar hand gesture usually reserved for unpleasant situations. When pressed again, she gave me a thumbs down and said “Raspberry.”  I was unable to find her in the results.  CJ

STEVEN HUNT  Better than last year and under my goal time of 60 minutes.  Perfect conditions.  That’s it.  Chip time 57:03, place 6,526th.

SCOTT BATES  It seemed much steeper and longer than last year.  It was okay.  Thank God the music was there and I had some friends who slowed down and ran with me.  So kudos to Amanda.   Chip time 58:55, place 8,017th.

ANNE BOONE  Well it was a lot better than I’d thought it would be.  52:52.  Perfect day.  For being out of shape I did great. Chip time 52:59, place 3,800th

NANCY CURRY  Well I beat Anne Boone which is always an accomplishment.  Want to thank my . . . .(I cut her off and reminded her to tell me about her bridge run)  I did as well as I expected to. . . I’m not injured.  I felt good, no excuses, must have placed well, but I messed up my watch.  A beautiful Bridge Run day.  A little over 51.  Chip time 50:43, place 2,645th.

KEITH AMBROSE  Don’t even talk to me, no I’m hanging in there.  Today was torture.  This is the worst I’ve ever run the bridge.  I couldn’t breathe.  I knew it was getting to me having trouble in mile 5. I’ve hit the 70 age group.  Had to walk a lot.  I’ thinking of hanging it up.  There must be something in the atmosphere that’s not good, I saw some other people have breathing problems too.  Chip time 1:07:30, place 14,384th .

DARI SHANLEY-PENNINGTON  I loved it, kept a pretty consistent pace it was kind of competent.  Started with some friends but finished by myself because I ran ahead.  My time 1:19.  With the amount of congestion ahead of me – I know I could have done better, but I’ll take what I can get.  Chip time 1:19:34, place 20,384th.

TAY BEST It was my first Bridge Run.  I ran with my girlfriend and we ran as a team.  It was a great experience and I would do it again.  The whole time I felt good.  I trained hard and felt good the whole way.  I’ll be back.  No idea what my time was, maybe about an hour.  Chip time 1:30:55, place 23,422nd.

ALICIA SMALLS  My third year doing it and I had to work through a knee injury and it slowed me down.  I hope to come back better and stronger next year.  And I’m proud of myself.  Chip time 1:30:55, place 23,420th.


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