What happened to this year’s 13th annual ALS H.O.P.E. Beach Run?

Among the races in Charleston that have meant a lot to me, personally, is the ALS run, to honor those who are suffering from “Lou Gehrig’s disease” and to raise money for a cure for one of the cruelest diseases on the planet.

We at The Post and Courier witnessed one of our own, reporter Arlie Porter, suffer and eventually die from it. It was heart breaking.

One year, Arlie was one of the honorees for the ALS H.O.P.E. Beach Run on the Isle of Palms and we had a great turnout of P&C staff for the event.

So this year, when the first Saturday of June came and went, with no ALS run. I poked around and found out that the date was moved to SEPTEMBER 21.

On Facebook, I posed the question.

Any reason why y’all moved it from early June to mid-September?

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  • The ALS Association South Carolina Chapter David, we did for a couple of reasons. The PT and OT classes were no longer able to organize it. We have all of our Walks to Defeat ALS in the spring as well as our ALS Charity Golf Classic. We wanted to continue this great event so we moved it to the fall so we had more time to work on it.


The ALS H.O.P.E. 5K Beach Run/Walk, better known as the “H.O.P.E. Race,” was started in 2001 by the Physical Therapy class at The Medical University of South Carolina. The Physical Therapy students passed down the event to the rising class each year until 2012 when the Occupation Therapy class of 2013 took on the event.

Each year, hundreds of walkers and runners gather on the beach in Isle of Palms to participate in this sanctioned race for ALS patients and their families to “Help Other People Endure.” The funds raised through the H.O.P.E. Race benefit The ALS Association South Carolina Chapter, fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

More details to follow!


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