Fun summer tune-up: Charleston Track Challenge on July 23

During this rare lull in Charleston’s running schedule, there’s a fun alternative coming up on July 23.

The College of Charleston’s track and cross-country coaches, not the college itself, is holding the second of two Charleston Track Challenges on July 23 at the track at Mount Pleasant’s Park West facility.

CofC coach Amy Seago said the first one on July 9 was fun, but only attended by 11 people, ages 5 to 65.

The “all-comers track meet” featured four events (long jump, 200m, mile and 400m) and the July 23 event will feature four as well: 100m, mile, 400m and 5K. Yes, on the track. Just to make clear.

Registration starts at 6:30 pm. The meet starts at 7 pm. Again, that’s TUESDAY, JULY 23.

The cost is just $15 and Seago says she hopes to at least break-even to cover the liability cost of the meet. Anything left over will go to college’s track and X-C program. She hopes it will raise interest level in the sport of track.

Fleet Feet is stepping up and will offer some giveaways at the Charleston Track Challenge.

The coaches envision expanding the challenge to four meets and one cross-country meet.

Here’s my idea, too … those who may like to race in theĀ  Charleston Marathon’s inaugural Montague Mile on Sept. 15 may want to give the wheels a test ride on July 23. It’ll give you a good baseline to train off of.



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