Teach your children well – get kids excited about exercise by participating in a kids triathlon

I covered this last year and I think I smiled the whole time. The kids really got into it.

YMCA Offers Youth Triathlon

Registration has started for the Summerville Family YMCA’s annual Youth Triathlon Saturday, August 17.

The YMCA Youth Triathlon kicks off at 7:30am with the swimming portion. The older age group (ages 11-14) swims eight lengths of the pool at The Ponds Farmhouse and the younger age group (ages 7-10) swims four lengths of the pool. The participants enter the water one at a time, at intervals of 10-15 seconds.

After finishing the swimming portion, participants exit the pool to the transition area. There they don their bike helmets, shirts, and shoes and begin the biking stage of the event. The 11-14 year olds complete two 2.5 mile laps throughout The Ponds community and the 7-10 year olds complete one 2.5 mile lap.

The third and final leg of the event is the run. The 11-14 year olds run 1.0 mile on a trail throughout The Ponds nature conservancy, and the younger age group run ½ mile. All runners will finish at The Ponds Farmhouse.

The triathlon began with a brainstorm from Dr. Hal Hatchett, a resident of The Ponds, an avid triathlete and Summerville podiatrist.

In 2009, he approached the YMCA to see if the YMCA would be interested in coordinating the event. Last year was the fourth year for the YMCA Youth Triathlon, and approximately 230 children, ages 7-14, participated in run event.

Online registration and registration forms may be found at SummervilleYMCA.org/YouthTriathlon. The fee to participate is $20 prior to July 27 and $30 after July 31. There is no race day registration and the event is limited to 300 participants.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. If interested in supporting the Summerville Family YMCA Youth Triathlon please contact Development Director, Linda Walton at 871-9622×119 or by visiting www.summervilleymca.org/youthtriathlon.

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