Public can vote in Cooper River Bridge Run design contest – TODAY and only until 6 p.m.

If you ever have had any qualms about the Cooper River Bridge Run design over the years, here’s your chance!

For the first time, CRBR is letting the public vote, but you better hurry. It was for today only and only until 6 p.m.

Vote by going on … It’s a double-click deal. Click first to review the design. Then go back to the website to click and cast your vote. (At least one Facebook friend had an issue with that.)

The public’s vote will only be 25 percent (I think it should be more). But it’ll also give the masses a chance to see what was considered. In fact this year, the Bridge Run had a whopping 75 qualified entries, including those submitted by children.

Race Director Julian Smith says the idea to let the public vote came from Michael Seekings, a Bridge Run board member, Charleston city councilman, Charleston Running Club member and avid runner himself.

Smith says the board hopes to continue letting the public vote, though for a similarly small window of time. Maybe three days next year.

He adds he doesn’t think it’s feasible to let the public have a 100 percent say in the selection because there are considerations that the T-shirt provider has to make.

While the voting only counts for 25 percent of the decision, a group will meet tonight to make up the final voting. (I’ll be there, so I’ll see what level of influence the online voting.)

The design will be unveiled at a ceremony on Aug. 21 at Alhambra Hall in Mount Pleasant.

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