Want to honor the fallen firefighters from Arizona? Lowcountry CrossFit is holding a workout fundraiser on Aug. 31

Hi David,

 I am writing on behalf of Lowcountry CrossFit in Mt Pleasant. On Saturday morning August 31st we are going to be hosting an event at our site to honor the 19 firefighters who died fighting wildfires in Arizona.

The event is a fundraiser and a prescribed workout designed for all levels to perform. Each person will perform the workout for about 30 minutes (not including warm ups). Those participating will donate $10 towards the fund which is being held nationally on this day.

Only CrossFit trained people will be allowed to join for safety reasons I think. I am checking into this. Still worth it for spectators though.



 1391 Stuart Engals Blvd
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

Benjamin Rennison <brennis@clemson.edu>




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