Warning: scam races … Do not register for Firefly Half Marathon

This comes on the heels of the “Charleston Half Marathon”  earlier this summer. Both were listed on usually reputable active.com.

Thanks to Howie Schomer for digging into this.

Hi David,

I don’t know if you want to throw this in on your blog, but there’s another scam half marathon “set” for October 12th at 9 PM in downtown Charleston, on Market Street no less, called the Firefly Half Marathon.

Everything about is sketchy including no web site or information.

I verified with the Charleston Special Events Committee that they have never heard of it, just to be sure. If you look at the comments on the Active site, it appears that at least one person has registered and has not been able to get their money back.

The big problem, is that it’s been listed on just about every major race directory in the country, so I imagine some money will be lost. I emailed Running In The USA and they immediately dropped it from their calendar.

Here’s the link to the Active site:





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