Medical University of South Carolina to dedicate new fitness park on Friday


 Working Well initiative cites excellence in promoting a physically active workplace

On Friday, September 27 at noon in the new campus fitness park located behind the Bioengineering Building, MUSC will be recognized as a Gold Medal Hospital as part of Working Well, a collaboration between the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) and NC Prevention Partners (NCPP), for providing the highest standard of excellence in creating a physically active workplace. 

Following the award presentation, ribbon-cutting and dedication of the MUSC Fitness Park will take place with MUSC Wellness Center trainers on hand to demonstration  the Greenway Garden Circuit workout and provide tips on how to use the new outdoor fitness equipment.

 Since meeting and achieving the Gold Medal standard on July 12th, MUSC has also been named the seventh Gold Triple Threat hospital. To earn the Gold Triple Threat designation, a hospital must reach the highest standard of excellence and earn Gold in all three pillars: Gold Star for tobacco, Gold Apple for nutrition and Gold Medal for physical activity. In addition, MUSC also received the 2013 Prevention Excellence award by Prevention Partners in recognition of their efforts to create a culture of wellness.


Dr. Susan Johnson, MUSC’s Health Promotion Director, states what it means to be named a Gold Triple Threat hospital. “It is an honor to be recognized for creating a healthy campus and promoting health and wellness in our community. To achieve the highest standard and be named Gold in all pillars required considerable work in meeting evidence-based criteria. I am amazed at what we have accomplished and the transformation I’ve witnessed in such a short time. All around our campus you’ll see evidence of MUSC’s commitment to creating a physical environment that contributes to health and wellbeing.”


In order to meet the highest standard of excellence in creating a culture where being active is the norm, MUSC implemented the four key components to a physically active worksite: policy, environment, education, and benefits & incentives. MUSC’s Board of Trustees passed a resolution to create a culture of wellness and provide resources and necessary support to ensure such a culture is achieved. The resolution also states that MUSC encourages employees to use their paid breaks for healthy activities. “We consider this [resolution] a necessary step in continuing to translate a wellness vision into reality as it provides evidence and justification to the institutional commitment to a culture of wellness” says Dr. Johnson.


To create a supportive environment for physical activity, MUSC developed indoor and outdoor walking trails, installed signs near the elevators to encourage the use of stairs and created break room gyms to make exercise more accessible. MUSC also created an environment supportive of physical activity by creating walking groups, offering fitness classes and promoting community events that encourage physical activity. The Office of Health Promotion partnered with CCPRC to offer outdoor fitness classes and is working with MUSC Wellness Center to create a special employee membership that will provide convenient and affordable workout options on campus.


“MUSC continues to display their dedication to population health improvement and innovative spirit by implementing environments and programs, supported by policy, that provide employees, patients, and community with easy access to the healthiest choice”, said Jen Wright, Working Well Manager.  “MUSC has accomplished amazing things in a short amount of time, but more impressive is their willingness to share the lessons learned and successful strategies to lift up worksite wellness culture in hospitals and businesses throughout SC, as a Working Well Center of Excellence.”




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