Charleston RIDE Spinning studio celebrates its second anniversary on Saturday

Rebecca Young, co-owner of Charleston RIDE, talks about a Charleston RIDE’s second anniversary, the studio’s solid niche and its tie with one of the most successful athletically-oriented fundraisers in Charleston. DQ

Q: Congratulations on your second anniversary coming up this weekend. How do you plan to celebrate?

 A:  Thanks!  We are going to celebrate this milestone in our favorite way with a party on the Spinner bike!   This Saturday, October 19 at 8 a.m. Catherine and Alice will be heading up the RIDE.  We are having a drawing for a 20 class card giveaway and we will announce the winner of the contest for the Spinning® Instructor Certification.  Folks can join the party by reserving a bike online @ 

 Q: For those who aren’t familiar with Charleston RIDE’s story, which I think is interesting, tell them how it came to be.

 A:   We think it is a good story, too.  Most businesses find a cause to support after they have been formed.  We were created because we had a cause, Pattison’s Academy, and were in need of a business to support it.  Yes, we know it is backwards.  Our annual fundraiser Pedal 4 Pattison’s is a  4 Hour Spinning Marathon.

 Nine instructors on our RIDE Team have worked together on this fundraiser since inception.  In order to keep our team together we created Charleston RIDE.  It is our Spinning home.  Each and every person on our team has played an integral role in Pedal 4 Pattison’s and in the creation of Charleston RIDE.

 We have all worked together since 2007 and some of us since 2004.  We are a family.  When you visit our studio the first thing you will see are the faces of the children of Pattison’s Academy filling our brick wall.

 Many people will say “Are those your children?” and we proudly answer, “Yes they are”.  We are on a mission to help change people’s lives through Spinning®.  It is an amazing journey …

March 8, 2014, will be our 7th annual fundraiser.  Please visit for more information.

 Q: How has Charleston RIDE evolved in the last two years?

 A:  It has been an incredible two year — over 2000 RIDEs with amazing clients!  We have hosted specialty RIDEs, weight loss programs and trainings with six Spinning Master Instructors from the United States, Belgium and Australia.  We take great pride in being an education center for the Spinning program.

 Our RIDE Ambassadors set the bar high with up to date continuing education and attend the annual World Spinning and Sports Conference in Miami.  We close our studio doors for 4 days every May so that our entire team can attend this conference to further our education.  Yup, we are serious about our training!  

 Q: Since you opened, two other indoor cycling studios have opened, one in Mount Pleasant and one in downtown. Three indoor cycling studios, combined with gyms with indoor cycling, seems like A  LOT of indoor cycling in Charleston. Is it at a saturation point or do you think that it’s just a response to demand?

 A:  We think it is more of a matter of education than saturation. The Spinning program was created in 1987 by Johnny Goldberg…Johnny G an ultra endurance cyclist.  It was the first indoor cycling program.  

Spinning  became the Kleenex, Reynolds Wrap, Q-tip of the indoor cycling world.  On one hand, this brand recognition has served us well.   However, over the past 2 decades the Spinning brand has been diluted in big box gyms and specialty studios with people thinking all indoor cycling is Spinning.  

These programs morphed indoor cycling into something that uses weights on the bikes, extremely high cadences, and biking to the beat of the music.   The Spinning brand sets itself apart by keeping it real to the road.  If you can’t do it on a road bike you won’t be doing it on a Spinner bike. The Spinning Program has 140 Master Spinning Instructors worldwide and only 46 in the United States.

 Spinning Master Instructor, Luciana Marcial-Vincion resides here in Charleston, works full time for Mad Dogg Athletics (owner of the Spinning brand) and is co-owner of Charleston RIDE. 

 Q: Anything on the horizon for Charleston RIDE in the coming year?

 A:   Our clients can continue to look forward to International Spinning Master Instructors visiting Charleston RIDE to share their expertise on cycling and fitness.  

Our signature theme RIDEs with custom visuals projected to two large video screens, weight loss programs and other training tools like Lactate Threshold Testing will all be available in the 2014 offerings.

 One area where we continue to expand is our private studio rental that is used for corporate team building events, small business meetings, and private RIDE celebrations for Birthday Parties, Family Reunion RIDEs, and RIDE with the Bride celebrations.

Charleston RIDE is located at 74 Wentworth Street, 3rd floor, Charleston, SC 29401


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