The 36th Turkey Day Run will be one of 20 Thanksgiving races attempting to set a Guinness World Record


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Guinness World Record Gobbler Challenge

 Charleston, SC  - October 28, 2013 – The 36th Annual Turkey Day Run and Gobble Wobble in Charleston, SC is teaming up with BSX Athletics (BSX) and other turkey trots across the country to unite runners and bring a world record back to the United States.

The effort, dubbed the Guinness World Record Gobbler Challenge, will take place Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013. The record, titled “Most Participants in a Multi-venue Race” will feature 20 races across 12 states. The combined number of participants will have to exceed 116,086 to break the record, currently held by Malaysia.


The race, which is the brainchild of BSX co-founder and president, Dustin Freckleton, aims to achieve a number of goals:

  • Get people off the couch
  • Get people involved in running
  • Unite the U.S. running community
  • Spur the growing trend of race participation
  • Drive funds for the race charities
  • Bring the world record back into the US

 “As the founder of a sports technology company, there’s just something special and gratifying about watching people get out and run,” says Freckleton. “Bringing together all of these races, most of which are benefiting influential charities, feels like a fun and impactful way to make a difference. The world record is just icing on the cake.”

 How many people can say they’re a world record holder? Running groups across the country gather every Saturday morning to run together before the sun comes up. The chance to be part of something of this magnitude could be the spark that gets someone off the couch or encourage a novice to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble held annually in Charleston, is the largest 5K in South Carolina.  Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, Council # 704 the mission of the Turkey Day Run is to raise money for charitable organizations in the Lowcountry.  In 2012, the race raised over $80,000 for more than a dozen different charities.  The Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble is a run and party in one, including live music, plenty of free food and drinks, lots of family activities, and a Children’s Fun Run for those 10 and under.  To register as a participant or a volunteer, visit for more information. 


About BSX Athletics:

BSX Athletics is a sports technology company that combines wearable sensors and

real life coaching to help athletes train smarter, not harder.  BSX has developed a first-of-its-kind wearable lactate threshold sensor, BSX Insight(™) which looks inside the exercising muscle and tells athletes in real time when they need to speed up or slow down for optimal performance.


In addition, BSX technologies include the fully integrated and industry leading software, trainBSX(™), for coaches, trainers and endurance athletes.  By combining revolutionary performance-monitoring systems with world-class coaching, BSX technologies takes the guesswork out of training helping athletes train smarter, not harder.

Danielle Snider

Media Director

36th Annual Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble


One thought on “The 36th Turkey Day Run will be one of 20 Thanksgiving races attempting to set a Guinness World Record

  1. You know that the race planners did not give those of us who have to work on Thanksgiving any way at all to get to our places of employment. Even the battery was closed off. The police officers were no help at all as far as helping us with a solution to the complete shutdown of the peninsula.
    They were very rude, so yes I will be sure to put in a complaint to the Charleston Police Department.
    Many of us really did have to work on this morning and who ever signed off on the final race route should pass the job over to someone who can do a better job especially if your planning to increase the size of the run each year.
    You get an Failing Grade from me and the same goes to the bossy African American Female police officer that should find another line of work, maybe she would do better working in a cheese cave rotating the cheese weekly, that way she would not have any human contact and probably be much happier.

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