Tyler Hamilton, former teammate of Lance Armstrong, will talk about the dilemmas of whistleblowing at 7 p.m. Thursday at C of C


Former professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton will speak at the Beatty Center (5 Liberty St.) November 14, 2013 at 7 p.m. in an event open to the public.

 This event is part of the School of Business’  “Think Differently Forum,”[RelatedFind out more about Think Differently Forums] a speaker series that examines a minority viewpoint to create dialogue.

In this case, Hamilton will discuss being a whistleblower when it’s standard practice to “dope” in many professional sports.

 “The Think Differently Forums challenge conventional perspectives on issues like fast food consumption or the team loyalty mindset,” Joey Pumilia, a senior history major said. “It made me realize how many opinions I had developed without really thinking about the issues.”

 Hamilton’s speech will highlight the ethical and moral dilemmas associated with whistleblowing, as he famously did in the 2010 International Olympic Committee investigation of Lance Armstrong.

 “Tyler Hamilton’s speech will educate the audience on ambiguous moral situations but also on taking responsibility and doing the right thing,” business school professor Elise Perrault said. “It’s the kind of topic that will get our students thinking about what they see in the media and about what standards they could address in their own decisions.”

 [RelatedRead Tyler Hamilton’s autobiography, The Secret Race]

 Hamilton competed in the 2003 Tour de France and the 2004 Olympics, and retired from cycling in 2009. Since his retirement, Hamilton has published an award-winning autobiography and trained cyclists for competition. 

This is the second Think Differently Forum event at the School of Business. 

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