Louie’s Kids offers trainer-led family workouts – for free – at Hampton Park and Cathedral of Praise

In recent months, I’ve taken to doing mile repeats at Hampton Park on Saturday mornings when I’m not racing and due for a solid interval session.

 On several occasions, I witnessed something really cool that Louie’s Kids is doing at the park: FREE family workouts.

 Louie’s Kids provides the trainers to do group sessions, similar to what you’d see in any gym, in the beauty of the park. These workouts are available for anyone to do,  but also are suited for families with children struggling with being overweight or obese.

 LK Program Manager Deanna Smith said the nonprofit started the workouts a year ago and have since expanded them to North Charleston.

 “The free family workouts were started a year ago to provide the children and families in our program an opportunity for more physical activity,” says Smith, noting that four different trainers lead the workouts.

 “Most of the children in our program have limited opportunities to work out and this gives them and their family members motivation and encouragement to exercise   The children in our program come from different backgrounds but the commonality among them is their struggle with weight loss. Their weight typically ranges from 200-500 pounds.”

 “We have some amazing kids who come out each week and work hard toward achieving their weight loss goals. We also have some awesome volunteers who come to the workouts to encourage and motivate these children.”

 The workouts at Hampton Park are 6-7:30 p.m Thursdays (go to McMahon Playground) and 9-10:30 a.m. Saturdays (at the pond).

The workouts in North Charleston are at The Cathedral of Praise 9-10:30 a.m. Saturdays.

Smith adds, ” Right now we want to get the entire community involved. We love having children and their families there. The children do not have to be obese or overweight but if they are we are definitely able to modify the workouts so children and adults of any size or age can participate. We also always welcome volunteers who want to come out and be an encouragement to others as well as be inspired by these children.”

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