Online registration for 36th Turkey Day Run closes at 6,080 – 2,000 more than last year – in-person registration opens Wednesday

Update via Turkey Day Run race manager Chuck Magera:

We closed out last night (when online registration closed0 with 6,080 and 378 kids.

Last year we closed out with 4,085 and 232 kids. So over 2000 more than last year.

 Please strongly encourage people on Facebook and website to start the race in their correct (corral) color group. We will be happy to switch people on Wednesday (only) to different groups so they can run with their families or friends.

Groups were assigned based on expected finish time, not group they signed up for…we had people who checked “Walkers” put down 18 minutes and they have run those times, and runners who put down 1 hour who got switched to last group.

As of now, those color groups are:

               YELLOW group (Elites and Age Group racers) has 1119 runners 9:00

               (Race numbers 1 -1500)

              WHITE group(All other runners under 30 min) has 1965 runners  9:03

               (Race numbers 1501 – 4000)

              BLUE group (Joggers)                           has 1513 runners   9:06 start

               (Race numbers 4001- 6000)

              GREEN groups (Walkers and all strollers) has 1421            9:09 start

               (Race numbers 6001- 8000)

We still have the mail applications coming in today and tomorrow. We had 60 in the mail on Monday and Tuesday last year, so we will be close to breaking the total count at the end of the race last year, before this years race starts, and before late registration starts on Wednesday at 8 a.m.

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