More than 13,500 people in SC “turkey trotted” in 15 races on Thanksgiving Day

Cedric Jaggers emailed me after I wrote a piece in Charleston Scene about Thanksgiving Day being the biggest day for road racing the United States. So he crunched last Thursday’s numbers to put in his bi-monthly online newsletter.

I was surprised by how many T-Day races there were in SC, I had never really paid attention to it before.  The most races I’ve found results for in any weekend this year is 21 and that has happened twice,” says Jaggers.

I’m going to include this in the next Gazette but if you want to use it in an article feel free.



compiled by Cedric Jaggers

 T-DAY IS THE DAY FOR RACING at least for Thursday races as A TOTAL OF 13,529 timed finishers crossed the finish line that day.  Largest single race in the state was the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston on April 6th with 31,458 timed finishers.

 Place Finishers   Race Name               DISTANCE    Location      Edition    

1     6,563       TURKEY DAY                    5K    Charleston  36th

2     1,173       PIGGLY WIGGLY TURKEY TROT    5K    Hilton Head 25th

3     1,118       TREES GREENVILE TURKEY DAY     8K    Greenville  5th

4       743       BGC TURKEY DAY RUN                  5K    Columbia    9th

5       620       SURFSIDE ROTARY TURKEY TROT   5K    Surfside Bch 4th  

6       549       GRAND STRAND TUKEY TROT       5K    Myrtle Beach 7th

7       482       TURKEY TROT                   5K    Hartsville  22nd

8       440       SUMTER YMCA TURKEY TROT       5K    Sumter      31st

9       412       ELECTRIC CITY GOBBLER         5K    Anderson    10th

10      340       SURFSIDE ROTARY TURKEY TROT  10K    Surfside Bch 4th

11      306       BLUFFTON TURKEY CHASE         5K    Bluffton    4th

12      279       PIGGLY WIGGLEY TURKEY TROT   10K    Hilton Head 25th

13      202       GRAND STRAND TURKEY TROT            8K    Myrtle Beach 7th

14      202       TURKEY TROT                   5K    Aiken       2nd

15      100       GOBBLE YOUR GIBBLETS          5K    Spartanburg 7th  


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