TryCharleston and Kiawah Island Golf Resort triathlon winner Lauren Wilson to conduct a free running clinic on Saturday

Lauren Wilson, a USA Track & Field-certified coach and winner of last year’s TryCharleston Half ironman-distance triathlon and the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Triathlon, will conduct a free running clinic at 10 a.m. Saturday at Hampton Park.

Wilson recently launched a fitness coaching business, Wilson Coaching.

Wilson, the daughter of former hockey player and USA Olympic coach Ron Wilson, will outline the concept of “neuromuscular-based regeneration running,” which is basically about developing efficiency and aerobic power through drills and intervals.

Activities will include drills to develop better running mechanics, sample warm-up and cool-down drills, a 30 minute Interval run to improve VO2 Max, as well as an intense PlyoSet! We’ll incorporate all 5 biomotor skills: Speed, Endurance, Strength, Coordination and Flexibility.  All levels of runners are welcome to attend.

Wilson also plans to have her father give a talk on athletic motivation on Feb. 1. The location will be determined soon.

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