Q and A with Nick Oram, TV producer, celebrity fitness instructor and co-founder of CHS Revolution indoor cycling studio

This morning I took a tour of the space for the future CHS Revolution indoor cycling studio, located in Elan in “mid-town” Charleston (corner of Meeting and Spring), with TV producer and fitness expert Nick Oram and fellow co-founders Lindsay Rodbell and Eric Feather.

The 40-bike studio was set to open in January until construction crews ran into some issues with plumbing. Now it’s set for March 1 opening.

The cycling studio will be Charleston’s fourth stand-alone but is one of the strongest indications that the area is registering on the national fitness scene.

Here’s a short Q&A with Oram done via email over the weekend.

Q: You’ve been involved in fitness and TV in New York and LA, obviously fitness vanguard cities, for years. Why pick Charleston for a flagship cycling studio?

A: Lindsay Rodbell, Revolution’s co-founder, graduated from College of Charleston and has always wanted to get back into the city. When she introduced me and our other co-founder Eric Feather to Charleston, we knew it was a perfect fit. Charleston has a great fitness scene with dedicated and loyal members, and we strongly feel people will connect with the Revolution lifestyle and method. We are so excited to be in Charleston. 

 Q: Based on what I read on your website, you have one foot in fitness and another in TV. How do you balance the two?

A: I’ve been lucky to be able to work in multiple industries, but the two have always gone hand in hand. Television is another vehicle for me to voice how important fitness and cycling are to me.

 Q: I have read that you used to be involved with SoulCycle, a high-end cycling studio that charged – is this right – $70 for a 45-minute ride, and that things went sour between some instructors, including yourself, and the franchise. What’s the status of the class-action lawsuit?

A: The lawsuit is ongoing, but has not distracted me for one minute from the amazing Revolution we’re starting in Charleston.

 Q: Will Revolution, which is described as a “boutique cycling studio,” be modeled somewhat after SoulCycle or do you have a different vision for it?

A: We are a Revolution.  Our method, experience and studio are unlike any other in the indoor cycling industry. (Note: I asked Nick if the studio will be similarly priced to SoulCycle and he indicated that it would not be. Sessions will be about $20 each.)

 Q: There are three other indoor cycling studios in Charleston, two downtown and one in Mount Pleasant, in addition to gyms with indoor cycling. You obviously believe the market can sustain another one. Why?

A: We feel honored and privileged to join a city with such a strong fitness community. We are bringing something special and innovative to Charleston and hope that everyone from avid cyclers to first timers come to experience our studio to join the Revolution! 

 Q: How hands-on do you plan to be in Charleston?

A: I plan to be a major part of Revolution, from training our talent to leading classes. My co-founders and I are doing this as a team.

 Q: When is the expected opening date and do you plan to run any specials to introduce people to the studio?

A:. The studio is planned to open in March 2013. We will be hosting charity events, special events with live DJs and partnering with the community. Check out our website www.ride-rev.com and follow us on twitter @Ride_Rev for the latest updates on our opening and events.

Additionally, I asked “the team” if instructors are being brought in or recruited locally. They said the latter and that they will probably start with 10-12 instructors, with about 7-8 on the schedule, and likely add 3-4 later.

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