Interesting stats: only 21 percent of runners in 38th Paris Marathon are women and only 3 percent are from the US.

I was just notified that the Paris Marathon registration was closed. No biggie. But I was surprised at some of the stats from this year’s registrants, particularly at the low number of female participants. We run closer to 50/50 in the US. DQ

Paris, the running capital

 The 38th edition of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, which will be held next April 6th, will once again be the most popular event on the French sporting calendar. The capital’s marathon – the start traditionally takes place on the Champs-Elysées – has become an unmissable event for tens of thousands of runners from over 150 countries.

 An ongoing popular success

 With 50,000 runners (the record entry, achieved in 2013), the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon remains one of the key races of its type on the planet. The attractiveness of Paris – the most beautiful city in the world – adds to the prestige of the event.


Statistics 2014 



Men 79%

Women 21%



France                   66%

United Kingdom   10%

United States        3%

Belgium               2%

Germany               2%

(over 100 nations represented)


Age groups

18-24     5%

25-34     29%

35-49     50%

50-64     15%

65 and over 1%


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