Stingrays sign MacLeod

With six guys out with concussions, no that’s not a typo, the Stingrays signed SPHL forward Alex MacLeod for the weekend.

That’s right six players are out with concussions right now — Mike Hamilton, Ryan Lowery, Tyler Johnson, Andrew Sackrison, Chris Langkow and Damon Kipp.

Never seen anything like it before.

Here are some particulars on Mr. MacLeod.

MacLeod, 25, skated in 34 games with the Columbus Cottonmouths of the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) scoring seven goals and 12 assists for 19 points. Earlier this season, the Nelson, British Columbia, native appeared in two games with the Stingrays adding no points. Currently in his first professional campaign, MacLeod attended Michigan Tech the past four years totaling 23 goals and 19 assists for 42 points in 144 games. During the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons he was named to the WCHA All-Academic Team.

14 thoughts on “Stingrays sign MacLeod

  1. The way it looks we may have our second season of not making the playoffs. Carbery said earlier in the year that he built this team for when the NHL lockout ended. Still waiting!!!! I think his job is on the line!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Hawks!!!

  2. I’m certain there’s a story behind all of these concussions. The fact is, this team was built to be beaten up. Not to promote gratuitous fighting but there needs to be some beef in the line up, big guys who aren’t afraid to use their size and nastiness.

    • If you go by points, we’re tied for 8th place. If you go by winning percentage we’re in 11th. Just about every team has multiple games in hand on us. Except for goal tending, we still don’t have the look of a playoff team. And with the sloppy defense and turnovers, we probably would have lost against a good team last night. Win one, lose one, won’t get the job done. The clock is ticking.

      • I saw more hustle and grit last night than I’ve seen in some time. Having a league bottom feeder certainly helped. Win, lose or draw, I just want to see some effort. Old pal Phil Orescovic in town tonight. Perhaps some day, we too can get some size on the squad.

  3. MacLeod and Courtnall were hitting everything they encountered. They both set the tone early. Toledo is a much better team than Evansville.

  4. Where is the spirited play coming from all of a sudden; MacLeod has set the tone early and everyone else is following along. If they expect to make the playoffs then this type of play needs to continue. SPHL guys are playing like they to stay, MacLeod, Gaul, and Elser. My favorite player currently is Scooter but you can’t measure the heart of Patrick Gaul. The littlest guy on the ice continually going to the dirty areas; if that doesn’t get you going then nothing will.

    Courtnall another one who gives 110% every shift; it’s apparent who would rather be in the “A” but isn’t pouting about it, just working hard.

    I hope this play continues, it is fun coming to the rink when they’re playing this style, win or lose. This team is finally playing the way carbery played!!!!

  5. 18 of the last 20 games are within the division; stretch run for the playoffs or go home for the summer…

    Bidlevskii didn’t have a chance against Oreskovic. The PA announcer passed on that Bidlevskii got the boarding, fighting, and game but the boxscore showed Brodie with the boarding and game. I thought it was Brodie.

    Brent Henley coming to town with Fort Wayne in a couple of weeks.

  6. Ya gotta respect Bidlevskii for stepping in for a teammate, but the execution was frightening. If you’re gonna step up to a guy with fists as big as your head… hit and run, tackle him, drop and grab him around the ankles, anything but lean over and turn your head to the side…. damn. lol

    Good game last night. The guys are playing focused and desperate. Respect

  7. Missed a good game last night, Andrew. Sorry you had to cover that “other” sport! Previous bloggers have rightfully mentioned Scooter Vaughn and the SPHL guys being responsible for the team’s recent resurgence. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Brodie’s play and on-ice leadership.After reading several negative comments on Twitter about his play before getting here, he has surprised me. Goes to show that you can’t always believe what you read. We may have a jewel in the rough!

    • Is Carbery going to find a real captain from this group? I’ve been terribly excited to see the change in this team of recent games. Hope it continues. Nice to see some boys that actually play likes they care.

    • Hattrik,
      Was actually at my father’s 87th birthday party Saturday night in G’boro, N.C.
      From talking with Spencer, sounds like I missed their best all-around performance against a playoff-caliber team.
      Family comes first.

  8. In my opinion the two guys deserving of the “C” based on his on ice performance would be Justin Courtnall or Scooter. They’re names don’t always appear on the scoresheet but they are is relentless in his pursuit of the puck and they stick up for there teammates.

    Patrick Gaul has the heart of a champion; even while wearing the protective shield he continues to go to the dirty areas where the big boys room.

  9. Really enjoyed watching Gaul launch himself into Oreskovic several times last night.
    He pretty much just bounced off, but kept on trying. lol

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