Kevin Quick called up to Rockford; Cross maybe gone soon as well

The “C” was barely on Kevin Quick’s uniform before he was called up to the American Hockey League’s Rockford IceHogs.

Quick did play a year ago in the AHL in Norfolk, so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone.

Also, my new close, personal friend Mark Divver, up at the Providence Journal, is speculating that defenseman Tommy Cross will be called up after tonight’s game because the Bruins play three games in three days. That wouldn’t surprise me either.

No word on Ryan Button and his injury.

Someone asked me if I believe Mike Hamilton and Ryan Lowery will play again this season. No has told me anything either way and there’s a still more than a month left in the regular-season, so I’m still optimistic they’ll be back. But if they haven’t at least started skating by March 1, then I would say no.




3 thoughts on “Kevin Quick called up to Rockford; Cross maybe gone soon as well

  1. And the beat goes on! So what else is new? Heard a rumor that both Jakaitas and Zablonski would be called up NLT 5:00PM today and Joey Z would be in the net tonite!!!!……just pulling your chain but nothing is impossible, eh Andrew?

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