Greenville’s Valleran to miss two games with Rays this weekend

Well, here’s some good news for the South Carolina Stingrays as they head into this weekend’s three-games series with Greenville.

Marc-Olivier Valleran, the Road Warriors leading scorer, with 19 goals and 40 assists, was suspended by the ECHL on Tuesday and will miss the games on Friday and Saturday nights against the Rays.

Vallerand was assessed a game misconduct under Rule #75.5 at 19:06 of the third period. He is fined and suspended under Rule #28 – Supplementary Discipline. Basically for referee abuse, arguing a call about too many men on the ice.

Vallerand will miss Greenville’s games at South Carolina on March 8 and 9.

Now, if the Stingrays could get a player back from the AHL or have Ryan Lowery or Mike Hamilton return from injury.

Should be an interesting weekend.


One thought on “Greenville’s Valleran to miss two games with Rays this weekend

  1. Vallerand from all accounts is a hard nosed player but plays the game clean. Connolly on the other hand is probably one of the dirtiest players I’ve seen come through the ECHL in awhile. I would like to see someone lay some wood on him….

    Floridas goalie situation is suffering at the wrong time of the year!!! OH hum.

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