Stingrays announce Hall of Fame nominees

The South Carolina Stingrays announced today that former Stingrays forwards Marty Clapton, Matt Scherer, Pierre-Luc O’Brien and defenseman Trevor Johnson are the four nominees for the 2013 Stingrays Hall of Fame presented by The Post and Courier.

The Post and Courier Hall of Fame Night and induction ceremony is Friday, March 22 (Oh no, that means I’ve got to break out my spring suit) during the Stingrays game against the Gwinnett Gladiators at 7:05 at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Fans can vote for the Stingrays Hall of Fame using special ballots printed in editions of the Post and Courier and online at

Clapton dressed for the Stingrays for six seasons (2000-06), stands fourth all-time in team history in games played (373) and is a member of the 2001 Kelly Cup Championship team. The Newton, Massachusetts, native is ninth all-time in team history in goals (75) and points (218).

Scherer served as the Stingrays’ team captain from 2009-12, played five consecutive seasons (2007-12) with the organization and is a member off the 2009 Kelly Cup Championship team. The Seattle, Washington, native ranks seventh all-time in games played as a Stingray with 308 and won the Jerry Zucker Community Service Award in 2010.

O’Brien is a member of the 2009 Kelly Cup Championship team and led the Stingrays in points (52) during the 2011-12 campaign. A native of Nicolet, Quebec, O’Brien dressed for four seasons with the Stingrays (2007-09, 2010-12) and stands eighth all-time in team points (219) and tenth all-time in goals (70).

Johnson played six consecutive seasons in the Lowcountry, served as team captain and ranks third all-time in team history with 930 penalty minutes. A member of the 2001 Kelly Cup Championship team, the Davidson, Saskatchewan, native is fifth in Stingrays history with 331 games played.


9 thoughts on “Stingrays announce Hall of Fame nominees

  1. Kind of a joke for Calder to not be on the list. Hopefully Marty makes it. Plenty of good names in the past to get in there first before we starting considering Scherer or O’Brien …. nothing personal to those guys

  2. Right on, Striker. Matt and Obie have lots of time to be selected.Marty and Trevor are on a short string.Both are worthy in my opinion.

    • WOW Hattrik, one of the first times I have disagreed with you. In my opinion Marty gave up his seat on the bus when he signed for one game, with the Inferno, against the Rays. I do agree that there should be a several year waiting time after you “retire”. Of the four names Matt was the ultimate Stingray, in my opinion.

  3. I hope I’m wrong but Matt Scherer will be the popular choice for the HOF. I think there should be a clause that you have to be out of a Ray uniform for at least 2 years before being nominated for the opportunity to be selected. Why wasn’t Johan Kroll nominated? Matt and Pierre were more popular players than he…..

    How about the guy driving the Zamboni being nominated for the HOF; he has supported the Rays for a long time with his service plus he’s a Chicago guy.

    Big weekend for the playoff run; great time for the whiners to be struggling. It would be nice to see the defending champs go out with a whimper.

    Go HAWKS!!! 20 – 0 – 3

  4. I am going to ignore the fact that the ridiculous comment about Marty playing for Columbia was even made. Someone make sure to go pull Robbie’s name down from the rafters because he played for Greenville. Ask Bryson Busniuk or John Havrilack how many times they have been signed by a team passing through town for a game or two because they were short handed and as far as Matt is concerned yes he was the captain and sensational leader for the team but other than that he doesnt have much else the warrants being in the HOF. He was mostly a 3rd line player. Nothing personal against him he is a great guy and yes maybe at some point his time should come but there are more deserving players waiting in line. Ask yourself this ….. who deserves to be there more ….. Matt Scherer or guys like Adam Calder, Jody Lehman, Mike Ross, Marc Tardif, Matt Reid or even Cail MacLean?

  5. striker – Why do you think Matt Reid be somebody that deserves to be in the HOF? Everyone else on your list would be deserving.

  6. I was simply just tossing out names ……. his stats are much better than Matt Scherer and he was much more of an impact player.

  7. I still think the guy driving the Zamboni needs to be considered for his service for so many years. I thought it was great when they recognized Julie for her work over the years. The guys on the ice get all the accolades but I think it is the unsung heroes behind the scenes that should be recognized once in awhile.

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