Rays sign College D-Man Jake Areshenko

The South Carolina Stingrays have added their first collegiate player to their ranks, signing Bemidji State University defenseman Jake Areshenko.

Areshenko is expected to be in the lineup Friday night against Gwinnett.

Areshenko, 24, played four seasons and had four goals and 20 assists in 144 games.

“He’s a tough, stay-at-home defenseman,” said Stingrays head coach Spencer Carbery.

Talked with Joey Z, who is feeling a little bit under the weather today, and he told me the club is expected to announce their inductee into the Stingrays Hall of Fame later today.

Yes, i know who it is, but Joey asked me not to say.

I’ll have more “roster” news later today.



3 thoughts on “Rays sign College D-Man Jake Areshenko

  1. Every so often we get a good college player who plays for us the next season. I really like seeing the college kids

  2. Scherer to the hall of fame……unbelievable. Nothing personal to him but he does not deserve it. Marty should have been elected.

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