Hamilton, Lowery out for season; mistake

For those of you who didn’t know forward Mike Hamilton and defenseman Ryan Lowery will not play again this season.

Both have been out of the lineup with concussions.

Also for tonight’s game with Gwinnett, defensemen Luke Vidmar (leg) and Cameron Brodie (concussion) will be out of the lineup.

And yes, for those who actually still read our print product (and thank God you do), we had a mistake this morning. Someone on our copy desk still thinks Matt Scherer is playing.

Oh well, the guys/girls on our copy desk certainly catch most of my mistakes, which are plenty, but this one slipped through. We corrected it on line this morning.

Looking forward to seeing Matt Scherer get inducted into Rays Hall of Fame tonight.


2 thoughts on “Hamilton, Lowery out for season; mistake

  1. Not surprised with Hamilton and Lowery. Nothing against Scherer because he’s truly a quality guy whether on or off the ice. He never was or wanted to be bigger than the game. The HOF ballot has become a popularity contest and not based on performance. I agree with earlier posts that many voters never saw Marty or Trevor play.

    Congrats to Scooter Vaughan on his community service award. He has become a very popular player since joining the Rays.

    I still strongly believe that there are people behind the scenes that are just as deserving to be in the HOF.

    Big win tonight and a Kalamazoo loss is the hopeful outcome for tonight!!

  2. Amen JR …… amen!!!!! Its definitely a popularity contest. They need to get control of it and put the guys in that are deserving. How much you want to bet Obie goes in next year.

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