Stingrays sign Eric Alexander

The Stingrays signed their second college kid. bringing in forward Eric Alexander out of Ferris State.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Rays add another college forward before the week is out.

Here are some particulars on Mr. Alexander.

Alexander, 23, recently completed his senior season at Ferris State University recording five goals and seven assists for 12 points in 31 games. Through four seasons with the Bulldogs, the Kentwood, Michigan, native totaled 47 points (19 goals, 28 assists) in 124 contests. In the summer of 2011, Alexander attended the Washington Capitals (NHL) Rookie Development Camp in Arlington, Virginia. Before college, the 6-foot-2, 206-pound forward skated three seasons of junior hockey in the USHL with the Lincoln Stars and Chicago Steel adding 71 points (40 goals, 31 assists) in 109 games.

On another subject what a great Hall of Fame speech from Matt Scherer Friday night. Some of those were inside jokes, but it was by far the best Hall of Fame speech to date.



6 thoughts on “Stingrays sign Eric Alexander

  1. Barbara,
    The good news is that Lake Erie and Manchester don’t look like they’ll make the AHL playoffs, so the Rays should get them back.

    However, the problem is that the AHL season doesn’t end until April 20.

    Most likely the Rays will have to play without them for the first round. But who knows maybe Manchester and Lake Erie get healthy or sign a few college kids and send them back to the Rays.


  2. Andrew any chance we get any our guys back from providence I heard Randal has hurt hand or finger not sure his statues or How about Tommy Cross or Alden or that Knight Guy we had for only two games thanks How about Beca any word on him? Thanks

    • When the Beca for Pistilli trade was made there was a clause pertaining to Beca getting called up to Charlotte more than two times. If that happened the Florida Everblades would provide a list of players to the Stingrays and when you took McGinnis; Beca’s rights reverted back to the Blade’s.

  3. hockeyfanjoe,

    I think the Rays will get at least one of those guys back from Providence. I noticed that Tommy Cross didn’t play this past weekend. I have not heard he was injured, so if he’s a healthy scratch, that’s a good sign for the Stingrays.

    Alden Hirschfeld and Tyler Randell are going to come down to how healthy Providence and Boston are in the next couple of weeks.

    Matt Beca’s situation is a little more complicated. Because the Rays acquired Ryan McGinnis, Beca could go back to Florida, but that’s not certain. He could ask to return to South Carolina. The Checkers are in good shape to make the playoffs and remember the AHL season doesn’t end until April 20, so I’m not sure we’ll see Beca back in the ECHL regardless. The health of Carolina and Charlotte will play a huge role.

    Jared Knight has only played in two games, so he won’t be back and wouldn’t be eligible for the playoffs anyway. He’d be one game short.


  4. Our success lately I think is directly related to the improved defensive play / goaltending and the rise in the standings of the PK unit. The goaltending has been good all year but the defensive play has been stellar as of late. At the end of January we weren’t looking like a playoff team. I really like how the SPHL guys have come in and played big minutes. Gaul has been outstanding. Macleod was somebody that came in and was throwing his weight around at a time when we didn’t have anybody to do that. What can you say about the play of Scooter Vaughan.

    The goaltending will keep us close with our issue being able to score enough!!!

    Add Bishop, McNeeley , and Beca back and I really think we can go along way in the playoffs. Go Rays!! Go Hawks!!

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