Alden Hirschfeld assigned to Rays for playoffs

The South Carolina Stingrays received a little bit more good news on Tuesday going into their ECHL Kelly Cup quarterfinal series with Gwinnett.

The Stingrays will get forward Alden Hirschfeld for the Kelly Cup playoffs. Hirschfeld is expected to be in the lineup Friday night for Game 1 against the Gladiators.

Hirschfeld split his time between Providence in the AHL and the Stingrays. He had four goals and four assists in 35 games for the Bruins, and had four goals and four assists in 18 games for the Stingrays.

Hirschfeld’s return is the reason why the Rays released forward Tyler Johnson.

Hirschfeld and defenseman Ryan Grimshaw, who played in Toronto for a good bit of the season, joined the team this week from the AHL.

I talked with Rays HC Spencer Carbery and he said he still had two spots left for AHL guys. The two most likely candidates are Tyler McNeely (Lake Erie) and Hunter Bishop (Manchester). There’s an outside shot the two could return sometime during the Gwinnett series, but the more likely scenario is that they come back if the Rays get out of the first round and beat Gwinnett. Manchester and Lake Erie are not expected to make the playoffs.





8 thoughts on “Alden Hirschfeld assigned to Rays for playoffs

  1. Andrew how many guys can we have on playoff roster I know 20 active and 3 reserves you can have so that 23 along with eligible players that are are in ahl or nhl and i counted only 19 active rosters spot and 6 eligble players on list how many all toghter can you have on list? I figure keep johnson but i assume he would have put it over the limit So Hamilton and Lowery and Broadie and Mcginnis are done this season shame but hope there still here in charleston and be there to support the guys during the playoffs. GO Rays

  2. The maximum you can have on your roster is 23 (including players from the eligible list). We started with 19, and added Hirschfeld and Grimshaw. That means we could possibly add 2 more players from the eligible list.

  3. Like was said last month…. when we took Mcginnis, Beca’s rights reverted back to Florida.

    But then again, I don’t think we should complain too much about unlucky circumstances. We lucked into a couple pretty amazing goalies this season.

  4. Can’t argue that RRS…

    Eric Alexander could be one of those special players that comes along every couple of years. This team has been in a playoff run for a month and a half so I believe they can beat Gwinnett. Great goaltending and timely scoring wins champioships!!!

  5. Here’s a interesting stat Chip posted on the Blades forum. It shows the amazing job our coaches and team did with few contract players and a ton of injuries.

    Final win percentage +/- since lockout ended
    SC +.109
    Bakersfield +.083
    Florida +.076
    Elmira +.075
    Kalamazoo +.057
    LV +.049
    Trenton +.015
    Cincy +.010
    Toledo +.008
    Colorado -.006
    Utah -.007
    Evansville -.012
    Wheeling -.015
    Stockton -.016
    Ontario -.020
    Orlando -.021
    SF -.033
    Greenville -.036
    Alaska -.040
    Gwinnett -.044
    Idaho -.047
    Fort Wayne -.055
    Reading -.062

  6. All,
    The Rays have spots for two more guys — likely to be McNeely and Bishop. Spencer talked with McNeely earlier in the week and he’s feeling better.
    Most likely the Rays will have to get out of the first round before McNeely and Bishop return, but they could come back sooner.
    The Beca trade was what it was. I can’t fault Spencer on that one. He had McGinnis as a plan “B” in case Beca went up to Charlotte for an extended period of time. McGinnis got hurt and as they say, it happens. Charlotte’s in the playoffs and the chances of Beca returning to the Everblades for the postseason are slim.
    I was told that there’s almost no chance Tommy Cross returns to the Rays for the postseason, so don’t count on him.

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