The odyssey of John Wilson’s ACC championship ring

John Wilson thought he’d seen the last of his ACC championship ring. …

Well, maybe not.

John Wilson said he can now laugh about how his ACC Championship ring was lost, but thanks to Seth Gee (Clemson Class of 2003) he got them back.

“Eight years ago at my parent’s house my nieces somehow found my rings and decided to go play bury the treasure in the backyard,” Wilson said. “I thought I’d never seen them again.”

Enter Seth Gee.

Gee picks up the story. …
“A little bit about myself. I graduated from Clemson in 2003, a few years after John graduated. After some moving around for jobs, I landed in Atlanta. I was working for a printing company in Laweranceville, GA. I quickly became friends with one co-worker. After discussing some college football, he told me that he might have something that I was interested in.

The next day, he brought this ring to work. I asked him how he acquired it. The details of where the ring was found are a bit fuzzy, but it eventually made it into a box, which he later rediscovered the ring. He pulled it out of the box and put it in his desk. After two years in that desk drawer, he handed it to me and told me that I might have some luck finding the person it belonged to through my connections at Clemson. After he handed it to me, I took it home and set in the hutch on my desk.

Below is the story that I posted on facebook. Thanks, let me know if you have any questions.

I contacted Clemson Athletics asking them if they had any records of their past athletes and they said, “No, but if you want to bring it by we will try and get it back to the rightful owner.” Well, I was a little skeptical…thinking that it might just bet shoved in a drawer and forgotten about. Also, since this was something personal, I wanted to return it in person…not just some random UPS box being delivered.

For a few years, the ring sat on my desk. Pondering ways (mostly Facebook searches) that I could find the person who the ring belong to, a light bulb finally went off. So, I did some internet sloothing and found some old rosters of Clemson’s Soccer teams. I eventually arrived at a PDF ( that had rosters dating back to the early years of Clemson Soccer. Knowing the last name was on the ring…I searched the file, came to the 1998 roster and there it was in black and white. John Wilson was a Senior Forward with 4 goals and 11 assists.

I than did a quick search for “John Wilson Clemson Soccer”, well the first search result brought me to his wiki site…thus leading me to the Charleston Battery. Knowing Jessica had some deep connections into the community in Charleston…I thought I would reach out to her and here we are!

Gee and Wilson are hooking to meet to make an exchange soon.


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