Stingrays off to fast start, a few early thoughts

So I’ve seen the Stingrays in person for one game, but I can already give you some early impressions of this team.

First and foremost they are very talented up front.

Singrays logo

This isn’t the three yards and cloud of dust offense that we’ve seen the last couple of seasons under Rays head coach Spencer Carbery.

He has done a very good job recruiting over the summer. This is very balanced, very skilled group of forwards with size. They will not be pushed around like they’ve been the last two or three seasons.

Obviously, we haven’t seen the entire South Division, especially Florida, or all the teams from the Eastern Conference, but to take three of four points from Reading and sweep Greenville in two games this past weekend is a pretty impressive start to the season.

The one thing about the forward lines that jumped out at me was that I couldn’t tell one line from the next.

And that’s a good thing.

I felt like all three lines had their moments and all three had their scoring chances. Remember last year when Tyler McNeely and Hunter Bishop were about the only offense the Stingrays had. When they were not on the ice it was noticeable.

The D are mobile and jump into the play and can create chances.

Goalie Jeff Jakaitis looks like he’s in midseason form.
I know it’s early, but if I’m a Stingrays fan I’d be pretty encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.



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