Providence loans D man Chris Casto to Stingrays

It’s must be the Christmas season because miracles of miracles, the Stingrays actually received a player from AHL!

The Stingrays were loaned defenseman Chris Casto from the Providence Bruins.

Chris Casto

Providence D man Chris Casto


Of course this must make some wonder out there in Stingrays Nation why Providence took Steve Spinell and then gave the Rays Casto?


Currently in his first full professional season, Casto, 21, dressed in 12 games with the Bruins this season netting a goal and an assist for two points. The Stillwater, Minnesota, native appeared in four games with the Bruins last season, adding no points, after completing a two-year collegiate career at the University of Minnesota – Duluth where he buried 22 points (5 goals, 17 assists) in 77 contests. Casto signed an entry-level contract with the Stingrays’ National Hockey League (NHL) affiliate, the Boston Bruins, on March 26, 2013.


2 thoughts on “Providence loans D man Chris Casto to Stingrays

  1. Spinell DNP; Now Hagel called up to Iowa. Great for these guys to get a chance but not so great for the fans of the SC Rays. We’re up to 10….good luck to those who are left. Nobody will be feeling sorry for the Rays but instead hope to take advantage of beating us right now while the AHL is running rough shod over this organization.

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