Coffee Bean Scene: Part 1, Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu Coffee and Craft BeerCoffee isn’t a choice. It has been a way of life. Ever since that fateful day my sophomore year of college when I was desperate enough for a little extra weeks during finals week, I ditched soda and sugary carbonation for the inimitable flavor and charge of that little roasted brown bean.

And whenever I travel to a new town, there three things that I have to fine in order to turn that city into a surrogate home: the local bookstore, an old bar, and an artisanal coffee shop. This blog will be a written testimony of the best coffee dens in the Holy City herself, Charleston.

Here are the basic ground rule. The establishment will be judged on the following four categories: coffee (flavor), food (variety and taste), atmosphere (presentation, seating space, music), and extra goodies (wi-fi, air conditioning, memorabilia, etc.). Also, I will exempt any national chains so as to absorb the distinct caffeinated taste of Charleston. So, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Krispy Kreme are disqualified. Without further ado, first up is…

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer                                                                                                     Where: 4 Vanderhorst St, Charelston, SC 29403

Coffee: 20 oz. cappuccino                                                                                                      A sturdy coffee base predominates the drink. The frothy milk tickles the upper lip. And the sweet aftertaste was reminiscent of a glowing Folly Beach sunset. The bean is definitely the thing at Kudu. In addition to the cappuccino, Kudu sells all the coffee house staples to satisfy amateur and seasoned coffee nut alike.

Food: Oatmeal raisin cookie                                                                                                    A crispy crust that crumbles playfully on the plate. The interior is stuffed with a seemingly barrel full of raisins. And, most important for any cookie connoisseur, the center contained a chewy core satisfying as it was mouth watering. Kudu also has a full array of sandwiches and pastries that can assemble a solid snack or late afternoon lunch.

Atmosphere:                                                                                                                          An open interior design combined with an unassuming entrance allows Kudu to be your coffee home-away-from-home. In the late evening nights and mild summer days, Kudu’s patio is as large as the interior. The only thing better than a warm coffee is a cool breeze and a friend to enjoy it with.

Extra Goodies:                                                                                                                      A soundtrack provided by SiriusXM’s “Alt Nation” radio station fills the air in between the heavy rotation of energetic conversation and caffeinated aromas. The staff is young and gracious and work behind a fully stocked counter equipped with a sexy espresso machine with a firebird red exterior. A let down, however, was the lack of wifi to casually cruise the internet. But who needs internet when you have a wide spectrum of 20 in-house brews, almost daring you to try every last one.

Final Ranking:                                                                                                                           With a strong foundation in the coffee department and tasty treats and alcoholic drinks lining the walls, Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer is not only a scrumptious coffee outlet for anyone, it’s a charming and shouts out an inviting and relaxing vibe.



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