Buying or selling: Clemson and South Carolina, a Chad Morris update, and making Notre Dame an offer it can’t refuse

NORTHWESTERN COMMAND – South Carolina has defeated Clemson in four straight years as you’re probably aware.

The SEC is the world’s best college football conference. Some wonder if the ACC can survive, having endured another forgettable season.

Clemson’s 10-win season is going to be viewed by some as fraudulent unless it rebounds with a win against a-to-be-determined SEC team in a bowl game.

But which program is better situated for the long-term? A reader, W.H., offers his case why Clemson is the better bet:

I think you’ve made a similar point, but if teams were stock, Clemson is a buy; USC is a sell.  I don’t think they will ever get better than they are now, and they are the sixth best BCS team from the SEC.  Dabo is still filling holes from the post-Bowden anemic recruiting class.  We have a good chance to win the ACC next year.  In the 13 seasons USC has had with a HOF coach, they have won their division one time.  That one time, they got blown out by Auburn in the championship game.  Now, Georgia and Florida have regained their footing in the East, and if you survive those two, you have to get through Alabama and LSU.  I would rather have a shot at winning the ACC every year than never having a chance at the SEC.

I pretty much agree with W.H. that Clemson is the better long-term bet. There’s the history of having reached the pinnacle of college football before, there’s the more favorable schedule, a strong brand, strong recruiting footprint (7 million people within a two-hour drive of campus) and top game-day venue and facilities.

But I also believe this: it’s not a zero-sum game both program’s are rising.


Chad Morris’ name has been linked to the N.C. State job. I’ve been told he is on the N.C. State wishlist. N.C. State is holding a BOT meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss what it is willing to pay its next coach.

Morris was still working in the West Zone office Monday. I was told by someone in the office that Morris was not speaking like someone who was immediately leaving for a new position.

But does he have any interest?

Morris told he hasn’t spoken with N.C. State.

It’s hard for me to understand why Morris would want the N.C. State coaching job.

For starters, it’s going to be tough to win at N.C. State, mostly because of the recruiting footprint. Where will the Wolfpack recruit effectively? There’s also a ton of in-state competition for in-state kids as well as competition from Clemson and USC.

Secondly, Morris is well aware he’ll have to compete against Florida State and Clemson every year at N.C. State.

Moreover, Morris can afford to be patient. He has a $1.3 million contract and a ton of skill players and a veteran QB coming back (most likely).

If I’m Morris – and his agent – I’m waiting for something to open up in Big 12 country and/or in the SEC nearer the Texas footprint where he has relationships with prep coaches from his career there as a high school coach. He can be patient for a TCU, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech or even a Houston-type job to open up.


The ACC shouldn’t add a team just to add a 14th team. The ACC doesn’t need to water down its product anymore than it already is. What the ACC does need is to restore confidence? Something big. Something like a full-time member in Notre Dame.

Here’s an interesting part to the Notre Dame equation, its TV deal with  NBC expires in 2015.

If I’m the ACC and ESPN I obviously want Notre Dame.

What could compel Notre Dame to drop its football independence besides shrinking opportunity to play for national titles and fill its schedule? Dollars, of course.

Why not offer Notre Dame its own Longhorn-style Network?

Notre Dame gets a full share of the ACC television dollars ($17 million). … and Notre Dame gets, say a 20-year, $350 million deal for its own network? That’s about $35 million per. Not bad.

The ACC doesn’t need more mediocrity it needs to make Notre Dame an offer it can’t refuse.

2 thoughts on “Buying or selling: Clemson and South Carolina, a Chad Morris update, and making Notre Dame an offer it can’t refuse

  1. A good reporter is not biased. Clearly picking an ACC team as a program with a better future is a result of who you cover. Clemson had 0 quality wins this year. 0. ACC is quickly becoming one of the weakest football conferences, but there is always basketball.

  2. This post was not about one-year performance, rather blending historical performance with future projection of revenues, recruits, etc. I think SC has made major strides, but I still think Clemson’s the better long-term bet to perform.

    I’ll put it this way: I think the SEC would pick Clemson over SCar if it were drafting programs

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