An exclusive look at Tajh Boyd’s journey from Hampton Roads to Clemson’s Death Valley

Tajh Boyd 2


HAMPTON, VA. — Tajh Boyd has always adapted well on the move.

Just as the 22-year-old star quarterback makes calm, collected decisions between scrambling for a first down or flicking a tough throw outside the pocket, Boyd lived with more postal addresses before he could legally drink than most people do in their lives.

How many houses and apartments, in fact? “I don’t even know the answer,” Boyd says, seated in an overstuffed lounger as he fiddles with his phone in Clemson’s WestZone football complex. “A good amount, I’ll tell you that.”

All football players in the Clemson media guide are listed with a “hometown.” For Boyd, the default is Hampton, Va., because, well, that’s where he arrived from directly.

But that word. Hometown. One of the simplest questions in introductory conversation is something of a paradox for Tajh — so much that when asked, his attention snaps away from the phone, biting his lower lip while attempting to fixate on the answer.

Where are you from? More specifically: where do you call home?

“Home? That’s a good question,” Boyd says. “I don’t even know.”

And yet he does. The answer he seeks is tattooed on his left arm.

The full story: from the 757 to Clemson stardom


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