Tajh Boyd boasts ‘I got this’ factor under Chad Morris

Tajh Boyd 10

BY AARON BRENNER | abrenner@postandcourier.com

CLEMSON — There’s some friendly dispute over the exact moment Tajh Boyd and Chad Morris became the dynamic duo envied and admired by football offenses across the country.

“I think it was pretty obvious that first fall, that stretch when it seemed like Championship Road there,” said Clemson wide receivers coach Jeff Scott, referring to the 8-0 start in 2011, Boyd’s first year as starting quarterback and Morris’ first year as offensive coordinator. “They just kind of clicked. Once they started having success, all the players believed in it.”

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“Maybe Auburn (to open) last year,” said tight ends coach Danny Pearman. “I think about games where they clicked in a positive way and say, ‘Hey, this kid’s got a good feel for what he can do and what Chad’s calling.’ ”

Morris thinks it took even longer than that: the 2012 Chick-fil-A Bowl.

“I just think that LSU game really demonstrated: (Boyd) said, ‘OK, I got this. I got this figured out. I can do this,’ Morris said. “(Boyd) knew he could do it, but it all just came into shape where, it’s on me now. And you saw it.”

When it’s suggested to Boyd that he didn’t truly shine as Morris’ prime pupil until his 27th college start, Boyd respectfully begs to differ.

“I’ve been pretty confident in myself for a while now,” Boyd said, smiling.

On some level, Boyd always knew this connection with Morris — which powered the 2012 Tigers’ offense to 101 school records — was destined to click.

He made himself believe in Morris before Morris ever put on a Clemson visor. And now the pair looks to thrill Clemson fans for a third straight year, when it looked all along it might have only been two.

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