The Maturation of Martavis Bryant: Clemson wide receiver is a student, an athlete & a father, and not in that order

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CLEMSON — The man-child curses himself for dropping a pass, for mistiming his route, for doing anything that could possibly hinder his future.

Martavis Bryant possesses a freakish marriage of size (77 inches from dreads to toes) and speed, making the junior wide receiver a prototypical 6-5 deep threat to stretch the field in Clemson’s favor.

Bryant’s made mistakes, in football and in school. The worst of which disqualified him academically last December, booting him from Clemson’s Chick-fil-A Bowl trip, the catalyst for change in Bryant’s lifestyle.

Ultimately more life-changing are Bryant’s decisions off the field. He fathered two daughters, with two women, before he could legally drink alcohol.

Instead of running full-stride from his responsibilities, Bryant leans on his mother, his roommate, his mentor, and most of all his inner drive to provide for Brooke and London Bryant.

“My kids. My family. Just gotta take care of them. Can’t let them down,” Bryant says. “That’s the only thing that makes me happy, and keeps me going, really.”

He became a man because of his children. He saw no other choice.

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Martavis Bryant

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